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Each of the following features enhances Hoardlix's value proposition.

Comprehensive Media Support

Supports a broad spectrum of video resources, including movies, TV shows, and anime. Efficiently manages and reads torrent files, significantly saving disk space while expanding your collection.

Local Privacy-First Scraping

Prioritizes your privacy and security by conducting all scraping activities locally. This approach guarantees that your personal data remains secure and private during the video management process.

Scrape Metadata You Desire

Use community configurations or FlowCatch custom setups to effortlessly collect metadata from multiple sources, customizing your video library to your preferences.

Multi-Device Accessibility

Access your video library on multiple devices. Use the desktop application and manage your collection on the go through a mobile web-based interface, easily connectable via a QR code.

DLNA Support for Easy Streaming

Stream your videos effortlessly with DLNA support, enabling easy connection to a wide range of devices. This feature enhances your viewing experience by providing versatile streaming options.

Sleek UI & Compact Size

Enjoy a modern interface with smooth animations, combining elegance and usability. The app is efficiently designed, with a post-installation size of under 15 MB, ensuring swift performance.

Economical and Flexible Pricing

Pricing plans not yet released. Stay tuned for updates!

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